Lead Generation & Insights

Virtual Tours are an increasingly important tool for allowing tech-savvy clients to realistically explore superyachts in a convenient and time efficient manner.

YACHTY is extending the power of Matterport virtual tours by embedding forms and visitor registration templates to drive both engagement and new leads from anonymous website visitors.
YACHTY’s analytics suite delivers detailed information on visitor touchpoints across their online journeys, allowing agents to understand which superyachts a specific website visitor has explored, which can then be used for targeted and personalised outreach campaigns.

Our insights data even uncover which websites, portals and other platforms have referred those visitors to our clients’ Matterport tours. This includes traffic from social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing clients to see which channels have been most successful in referring visitors.


Lead Generation & Visitor Engagement

  • In-Tour visitor registration forms 
  • In-Tour forms for requesting information & scheduling viewings
  • In-Tour contact via phone, email, WhatsApp & Messenger


Matterport Virtual Tour Insights

  • Know which Matterport virtual tours specific visitors have explored
  • Determine how your virtual tours are performing in generating inbound traffic
  • Understand from where your inbound virtual tour traffic is originating
  • Offer yacht owners more detailed reporting on online visitors and visitor engagement


Pricing is based on a per-yacht fee, which includes on-site and post-production work for the creation of Matterport virtual tours and includes unlimited use of YACHTY’s agent-led viewings platform, lead generation tools and analytics suite. Photography and video production services will incur additional fees.

Yacht Size
60 Metres or below
€ 5 000
61 – 90 Metres
€ 6 500
91+ Metres
€ 8 000
Virtual Viewings & Analytics Platform included in all plans
*Discounts available for capturing multiple yachts in a single-location visit

Optional Extras

Additional sales & marketing assets + viewings platform custom branding.

Standard Photography
€ 2 000
Includes all interior, exterior and aerial photography within one day.
Standard + Lifestyle Photography
€ 3 000
Includes all interior, exterior and aerial photography within one day +
Lifestyle photos including your crew, models & equipment.
Aerial Video (un-edited)
€ 750
Un-cut Aerial drone footage. Done in combination with a photo shoot.
Viewings Platform custom branding
€ 6 000
Remove all references to YachtY and replace with bespoke branding
in the viewings platform.
Video Production
Contact us to discuss your yacht & lifestyle film shooting, animation and post-production editing requirements.
"YACHTY’s lead generation tools and in-tour forms supercharge sales teams’ engagement with anonymous virtual tour visitors, driving more leads into clients’ sale funnels, whilst our Insights platform uncovers key data to target superyacht audiences and personalise their buyer journeys.”
Dan Cattermole
Business Development Director
Isn’t it time to integrate YACHTY into your superyacht sales and marketing Strategy?
What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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